Jaclyn Bethany: Hi, Clio! Where did you grow up, and where are you currently based?
Clio Peppiatt: I was born in Paris. My family and I moved to London when I was three and now I’m West London-based.

JB: What is your first memory of fashion?
CP: Making the tiniest felt outfit for trolls, usually with their initials embroidered and tiny buttons.

JB: Who is the Clio Peppiatt woman in your mind?
CP: A woman who really takes pleasure in getting dressed, loves detail, and appreciates hand- crafted clothing.

JB: Who are some of your favorite London creatives at work today?
CP: The fantastic women I work with! I regularly collaborate with Ione Gamble, who runs the wonderful Polyester Zine, along with Adele Cany, who styles my collections. Adele and I work very closely from the beginning stages and, aside from being extremely talented, she’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

JB: Do you have a favorite lunch spot in London?
CP: My favorite lunch is always Books for Cooks near the Portobello Road. It’s a very well-kept local secret at the back of Cook Book shop and only sits about 20 people. They home cook a three course meal every day from one of their books, and it’s also probably the most affordable lunch in the area!

 Clio Peppiatt photographed for  Constellation  by Lily Bertrand-Webb. Clio wears her own designs.

Clio Peppiatt photographed for Constellation by Lily Bertrand-Webb. Clio wears her own designs.

JB: Tell me about your SS17 collection. What inspired you and what materials did you use to convey your vision?
The SS17 collection draws inspiration from the typically masculine arena of F1, race car drivers, and motorcycle gangs. We named the collection “Fast Women.” The aim was to flip a previously condescending term on its head, in order to represent the strong, independent Clio Peppiatt women. The garments were a careful balance of typically soft and feminine [textures], with tougher elements, as reflected in the mix of light silks and faux fur with leather and denim.

JB: What was the presentation like?
CP: For the presentation, Aidan Zamiri created an incredible F1-inspired set by working with upcycled car parts and hand-painted, free-standing sculptures. We worked with Chloe Rosolek to part street cast/part agency cast a beautiful, diverse group of girls with lots of attitude and personality.

JB: What is the process of starting a new collection like? Where do you seek out inspiration on a daily basis?
CP: I draw a lot of inspiration from books and also from the every day—how the women I know and the women I meet dress and construct their outfits. There’s nothing more inspiring than real women!

JB: Who would be your dream girl to dress?
Chloë Sevigny.

JB: Among the women who have worn your clothes, who has been a particular highlight for you?
CP: Both Lena Dunham and Adwoa Aboah have been real highlights to dress. They are both such strong, intelligent, beautiful, and charismatic women.

JB: What advice would you give to young women who want to start their own line?
CP: To run your own race, know your brand identity and always revert back to it if you’re in doubt. To reach out to people who inspire you and to always support the people who’ve been kind enough to help you. ★