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Meet seven models on the rise.
Shot by Mafalda Silva. Interviews by Jaclyn Bethany.

Aaliyah Hydes

Jaclyn Bethany: Hi, Aaliyah! Where did you grow up, and where are you currently based?
Aaliyah Hydes: I am from the Cayman Islands and currently based in London.

JB: How did you first start modeling? 
AH: I was at Tate Modern seeing a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition when I bumped into Lucia [Janosova] from First Model Management. That moment started an avalanche of events for me.

JB: Who is your favorite model working today? 
AH: I would have to say Chanel Iman.

JB: What do you enjoy working on when you’re not modeling?
A: Drawing and painting. I also love illustration, I meditate and practice yoga, and I enjoy trying new foods—even though nothing beats my mum’s cooking.

Aaliyah wears a top from Beyond Retro. All other clothing stylist’s own.

Bee Beardsworth


Jaclyn Bethany: Hey, Bee! Where did you grow up, and where are you currently based?
Bee Beardworth: I grew up in The Cotswolds and traveled all over the world. Now I'm based in London.

JB: What has been one of your most memorable shoots so far? 
BB: I had dead bugs stuck on my face yesterday…

JB: Who are your favorite artists and designers working in London today?
BB: Myself. Joking…. I love the work my friends are making. We all feed off of each other. My girlfriend, Daisy Maybe, is just about to release the most amazing EP…. It's so good to have a community, it makes you feel so proud and inspired. I love Marques ' Almeida, too; I die for their clothes.  

JB: Who’s one model whose career inspires you?
BB: Corinne Day. She started out modeling and became a photographer who created iconic images, using her experiences and creating a new aesthetic. I think there has to be more to modeling—you should use it to do or to learn something.

Bee wears trousers from Beyond Retro; Stylist’s own earrings; All other clothing, model’s own.

Daisy Eltenton

I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, but am currently studying in Cardiff, Wales.

I started modeling when I applied to a modeling agency in Lisbon and got accepted. Walking for Marques ' Almeida was great; they’re an amazing team, and their designs are always comfy yet sassy and fun. Currently, I’m studying art on a course called “Artist Designer: Maker,” so I’m basically just playing around and experimenting with loads of different materials. Ideally, I’d get a studio and continue my practice to hopefully become an “artist.” I’m very interested in photography—a photographer whose work I admire is Ronan Mckenzie. Musically, I’d have to say South London’s King Krule [inspires me]; even though he’s not up-and-coming, his style and multiple music personas are really inspiring. —Daisy Eltenton

Daisy wears a dress by Beyond Retro; Hat by Sophie Cull Candy; Socks and trainers model’s own.

Elizabeth Yeoman

Jaclyn Bethany: Hi, Elizabeth. Where did you grow up, and where are you currently based?
Elizabeth Yeoman: I was born in Cheltenham and am currently living in The Cotswolds. It’s a beautiful area!

JB: How did you begin modeling? 
EY: I was scouted by my agency, The Hive Management, through my Instagram a year ago and it went from there.

JB: What was it like walking for Ryan Lo this past London Fashion Week? What do you admire about his designs for women?
EY: It was a very exciting experience. It’s always been a dream to walk during Fashion Week—and walking for such a talented designer made it extra special. Ryan creates clothes brimming with a romantic fantasy. His garments are very feminine yet unique and have a punch to them. Although girly, Ryan’s designs are for strong women. I particularly loved this season’s hats—everyone looked like beautiful chic pirates!

JB: What are you studying in university and what do you plan to do after graduation?
EY: I’m reading English Literature at Warwick University. It’s my first year and I’m really enjoying it. I’m going to continue modeling throughout my studies. Who knows what the future holds...

JB: Tell me about both of your Nylon shoots (for Singapore and U.S. editions). Both were so beautiful!
Thank you! Both were quite different. U.S. Nylon was shot in a studio, while Singapore was in rugged woodland. It was pretty cold that day, and I think that enhanced the images. For the former shoot, Kristin Vicari brought along her huge white fluffy husky, too!

Elizabeth wears a top by Beyond Retro; Roll neck by Orla Kiely; Trousers by Nicola Brindle.

Georgina Solly

I’m 16 and from Cheam in Surrey. I was in Kingston with my family when Alice [from Milk Model Management] approached me and asked me if I wanted to join Milk. I had never considered modeling before, but I decided to give it a go and now I really enjoy it! The shoot I did for 10 Magazine was really enjoyable—the location we shot in was gorgeous, and everyone was so lovely! Beside modeling, I really enjoy sports, especially football. I play in goal, so it isn't exactly what you would imagine for a model, diving around in the mud, but I'm not very stereotypical. I'm a bit of a tomboy and I always have some sort of bruise or scrape on my legs. —Georgina Solly

Georgina wears a dress by Beyond Retro; Jacket model’s own.

Matilda Mae Wyman

I was born, raised, and am now based in London. I was scouted during an internship in East London…. All of my friends are extremely creative, and I can honestly say so many of them hold the title of being my favorite young artists based in London today. They include: Hollie Stephenson, the musician; Gidz Summerfield, Katie Wyman, and Iona Barbour, all artists; Pixie Rose, Louis Ravens, Freddie Talbot, and Belinda Whitfield, all photographers. Many of the photographers I have tested and worked with through Storm are also huge inspirations, such as Henry Gorse, Jackson Bowley, Laura Coughlan, Mollie Rose, and Yolanda Y. Liou. In summer 2015, I worked with Steve Hiett in Paris and he told me,“When you get in front of the camera, don’t try to be a supermodel—just be yourself.” I’d give this same advice to a young girl who wants to start modeling. —Matilda Mae Wyman

Matilda wears a dress by Beyond Retro.

Olivia Morgan

I'm 18, originally from Devon but I'm living in London at the moment. In terms of films I've seen recently, I got really inspired by [Russian director Sergei Parajanov’s] The Colour of Pomegranates—there were some really stunning shots which challenged ideas of how people live, which I think is really interesting. Besides modeling I like to drawing, design fashion, and write music. My favorite UK designer is probably Samantha McCoach/Le Kilt—I think their kilts are beautiful and their AW16 presentation was my first job as a model! —Olivia Morgan ★

Olivia wears a hoodie, stylist’s own; Stockings by Point Blank. 

Photographer: Mafalda Silva. Stylist: Cassie Walker. Makeup: Fiona Gallagher. Hair: Sky Cripps-Jackson. Photographer's assistant: Gabi Lee. Models: Bee Beardsworth at TESS, Matilda Mae Wyman atStorm, Georgina Solly at Milk, Aaliyah Hydes at First Model Management, Olivia Morgan at Milk, Elizabeth Yeoman at The Hive, Daisy Eltenton.