Harper Cullen

Photo by Ian Lipton.

Photo by Ian Lipton.

Harper Cullen is a Los Angeles-based actress who started her own production company, Cool Girls Freak Out Too. Growing up with parents in the industry, she fell in love with the craft from an early age. At 15, she attended a performing arts high school, where she studied theater and musical theater. She then moved to Houston for one year to delve more deeply into her theater studies at the University of Houston. After discovering that Texas was not quite her calling, she moved to New York City, where she graduated from the T. Schreiber film and theater conservatory program. 

My parents are both in the industry, so I grew up on sets; the excitement and creativity that occurs in the process of making a movie sets me on fire. I’ve always known that, I’ve always felt that. 

Being a struggling actor in Los Angeles, trying to “make it,” can be really daunting, especially as a woman. There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect, and that’s always given me some kind of anxiety because as every human should, I have flaws. My goal with Cool Girls is to challenge that stigma by showing everyone vulnerability and the real issues people have and not tip-toeing around them.

I want to get into period pieces; I’m totally fascinated by history. I’m working on something right now that focuses on sobriety, an issue about which I’m very passionate And I also want to be involved in some projects that look at mental health and the awkward, scary transitional period in your 20s…. something I know oh so well!