Welcome to the inaugural issue of Constellation. We’re so happy you’re here!

In spring 2016, the spark to start this publication was lit. We wondered: Why not invite a group of courageous, talented, and diverse women working in the arts—some we knew, others we simply admired—to make something together? Little did we know just how far our vast constellation of women would stretch once we sent this spark into the universe.

Constellation celebrates both emerging and established female-identifying creators from across the globe. While we’ve rooted this first issue in five cities—New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tokyo—you will also encounter women originally hailing from Scotland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, San Antonio, Texas, and countless places in between.

As you explore Issue One, some of you might even find future collaborators in the process. We encourage you to reach out to anyone whose work, words, or images inspire you (as we did to create this very publication)!

In the weeks ahead—as we all do our best to survive and thrive in these strange, often unsettling times—we hope that Constellation will serve as a vibrant reminder of the incredibly rich and innovative work that women across continents are making and sharing at this moment in history. Now, more than ever, we need bold women like the ones showcased here to create in the face of fear and uncertainty; to tell their stories as only they can tell them; to educate, empathize, and empower one another; to fight for their worth; and to find freedom and joy through art’s power and potential. After all, as our cover star, Scottish actress Freya Mavor, reminds us, failure comes with the territory when you’re fearlessly creating. The key is to learn from and embrace it as part of an ever-evolving process.

Thank you to everyone who took a chance on this project. Shining stars, all of you.


Jaclyn Bethany, Founding Editor / Creative Director

Olivia L. Aylmer, Founding Editor  / Editorial Director

Suze Myers, Designer / Art Director