Featured Contributors, Issue One

Illustrations by Anna Katrina Bak

Rosalind Jana

Author, poet, writer, and model

Age: 21

Current city: London

Favorite line of poetry: “At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;/ neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is.” —T. S. Eliot

Rosaline Shahnavaz


Age: 25

Current city: London (Editor’s Note: Rosaline documented her Tokyo travels for Constellation)

Favorite Tokyo sight: “I spent my last hours in Tokyo in a room on the 35th floor of a hotel. I could see the whole city. From a distance, the bustle and the flashing neon lights became still and serene. It was beautiful and the perfect way to end my stay.”

Edith Young

Writer, photographer, and editorial assistant at Outdoor Voices

Age: 23  

Current city (and hometown): New York, NY

One woman whom she considers to be a role model: The late artist and video game designer Theresa Duncan has been one of my longest standing role models and influences. I began playing her video games for girls (e.g. SmartyChop Suey and Zero Zero) on my family's Power Macintosh 5000 in the '90s, and the world she invented for women has been forever ingrained in my brain. 

Grace Pickering


Age: Timeless

Current city: Los Angeles

Song you play when you want to feel fully yourself: “Strawberry Letter 23” by The Brothers Johnson, especially with my headphones on as I’m shimmying down the grocery store aisles.


Lauren Kennedy Malpas

Stylist and art director

Age: 30 

Current city: Paris

What do you see when you look at the night sky? Romance, opportunity, dreams, beauty—and infinite possibilities!★

Anna Katrina Bak is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn.