Jorunn Mulen

By Jaclyn Bethany


Jaclyn Bethany: Hi, Jorunn! Even though I came across your work in Los Angeles, where are you originally from, and where are you currently based?
Jorunn Mulen: I was born by the fjords of the west coast of Norway. I´m based in Bergen now after 12 years in Cornwall, England, where I studied and worked.

JB: What was it like growing up in Norway? There is such a distinctly haunting quality to your work. Did Norway have any influence on it?
JM: I had a lot of freedom and nature around me whilst growing up. I had a lot of free time to get lost in fairytales that my friends and I made up.

JB: What is your first memory of experiencing art?
JM: Nikolai Astrup’s eerie and sublime visions of the Scandinavian landscape.

JB: What was your favorite children's book growing up?
JM: I loved the books by Swedish author and illustrator Elsa Beskow.

JB: Who are the girls in your paintings?
JM: They are girls I meet on my journeys that somehow and sometimes become part of my stories.

JB: What is the process of creating art for you like? How do you decide what medium to use?
JM: It all depends. If I’m traveling, I work in my sketchbook or on watercolor paper, as it’s light to carry. I use these notes for larger pieces of work on linen canvas or on wood panels when I'm back in my studio. Sometimes a piece is done in a day; sometimes it takes a couple of weeks.

JB: What's ahead for you this year?
JM: In March I will have an exhibition with BROTH art in London. I will also do an artist residency in Italy. Later in the year, I aim to visit Cornwall and California. In between these adventures, I will be working in my Nordic studio.

JB: Do you recall the moment when you decided to become an artist?
JM: I had a gap year in the United States after high school to figure out which direction to take in life. During that year, I met lots of interesting, brave, and adventurous friends, and I was encouraged to follow my artistic abilities. The fire to follow my passion and dreams was lit and is still burning. ★

A selection of Jorunn’s work is for sale at This spring, she will exhibit her work at BROTH art in London.