Louise Parker

By Jaclyn Bethany
Photographs by Louise Parker

At 19, Louise Parker was scouted by photographer Ryan McGinley. After traveling the world as a model and working with such iconic brands as Chanel, she has recently settled in Los Angeles to focus on her art, alongside her boyfriend (also an artist.) Before her career took off, Parker was a high school student in Minnesota with an eye for photography. “My memory of taking my first photograph was probably in high school. I was on the newspaper. I remember showing up to class and everyone had taken photographs of people at school, and I had gone to the train tracks and taken pictures of rusted train tracks. It was the first time anyone had taken photos outside of school, and my teacher applauded me. It was at that moment that I realized I might [be good] at it,” she recalls.

A graduate of Bard College’s photography program, Parker gained recognition for her documentary-style images chronicling her life in the fashion world. She aimed to show the “in-between moments” of modeling, given the fact that, in Parker’s words, “there is so much boredom” in the profession. In 2016, she was shortlisted for Foam Magazine’s Talent Issue and her work was featured at the Foam exhibition in Amsterdam.

When I meet Parker on a sunny day at Fred 62 in Los Feliz, it’s quickly apparent that she’s bubbling with talent. In recent months, she has used her modeling career to foray into the professional art world. “Modeling is never really what I wanted to do, and I think a lot of girls get stuck in it,” she says. “I am kind of excited to be getting older. I’m embracing it.”  

We're excited to share a preview of Parker’s photography to be published in her forthcoming first book. ★