A filmmaker who found her subjects—an all-girl skateboarding crew—on the subway. A former New York City ballet dancer turned fierce freelancer. An artist who advocates for women’s complete autonomy over their bodies and lives. Welcome to New York.



A visit to Monica Hofstadter’s dreamy Brooklyn studio


Ashley Yang-Thompson on painting as problem solving and combatting stereotypes about Chinese-American girlhood

Leaping into her Dreams

Courtney Celeste Spears, a dancer with Alvin Ailey, brings us into her life in the company

Kaitlyn Gilliland

Kaitlyn Gilliland on how she defines fearlessness, the importance of contradicting yourself, and how her ballet roots shaped her as a person

Daphne Zelle

The dancer and artist on learning to take yourself—and your work—seriously

Katerina Eng

The Juilliard dancer, on the verge of many things

Homes Away From Home

Five New York City writers reveal where they develop their bright ideas

Crystal Moselle & The Skate Kitchen

“I want to break rules, change things, and do things my way”

Follow These Feeds

Four women harnessing the power of Instagram to interrogate, inform, and inspire

NYC Talent Portfolio I

From The Get Down to Anastasia on Broadway, these young actresses are lighting up both screen and stage. Shot by Rebekah Campbell.

The Sun-Drenched World of Wiissa’s Photography

The photography duo share some recent work

Adrienne Campbell-Holt

Constellation catches up with Brooklyn-based director Adrienne Campbell-Holt

Laura Luc and Kids of The Arts

Constellation spent an afternoon with Laura and a group of young actresses on the set of Kids of the Arts’ production of The Hundred Dresses

Julliard Girls

Zayira Ray photographed Bianca and Katherine, both first-year MFA acting students at the prestigious Juilliard School

Anna Crivelli

Anna offers us a glimpse into her life as a student at the prestigious Yale School of Drama

Jill Paice

Jill Paice, an up and coming star of the Great White Way talks about her childhood, inspirations and her work on Broadway

Lida Fox's Film Hooligans

Meet Lida Fox, the founder of Film Hooligans: a collective of behind-the-scenes, diaristic photography taken by contributors across the globe.

the guineveres

Sarah Domet's mesmerizing debut novel provides an escape into a magical, and sometimes brutal, feminine world

NYC Talent Portfolio II

From The Fits to The Diary of A Teenage Girl, meet the women who helped  bring to life some of the most strikingly honest portrayals of contemporary girlhood in recent years. Shot by Jacqueline Harriet.