The cover of  Voyage D'etudes: Scrapbook of America

The cover of Voyage D'etudes: Scrapbook of America

Photo by Emily Knecht

Photo by Emily Knecht

Paula Goldstein

Paula Goldstein is the founder and adventurer behind Voyage D'etudes, a digital travelogue offering a glimpse into cultures and travels from around the world. Now a Los Angeles resident, Goldstein recently released her first book, a collection of her favorite pieces from Voyage D'etudes.

I wanted to enjoy reality—warts and all—rather than constantly promoting a beautiful dream.

I'm originally from a small town in Essex, England. I moved to London at 17 to study at London College of Fashion. Fashion was the place where I found my tribe, my sense of expression, and an education in life and art. It's probably one of the most exciting industries in the world because of the pursuit of the new. But as I have gotten older, travel has appealed to me more and more. I wanted to enjoy reality—warts and all—rather than constantly promoting a beautiful dream.

After school, I moved around—London, Paris, New York, San Francisco—and finally put down roots in the City of Angels. I began Voyage D'etudes because I met so many amazing human beings with incredible stories while traveling for work. These stories were imperfect, sometimes sad, messy, and brave, but [they were ones that] I wasn't able to share in my work with fashion. I also wanted to encourage other young women to explore. You don't need to be rich and famous to see the world.

One of my favorite places I have traveled to is Istanbul—[I love how] east meets west there, and the pulsing intensity of the city is magical. It is a city fighting for freedom right now, but the energy of its youth and its history mingled together is intoxicating…. [I recall] dancing on boats as the call to prayer rang out. I love California, too. I know it's obvious, but I never seem to get tired of exploring here—from Big Sur's beauty to the quirks of places like the Danish village of Solvang sitting in the West Coast sunshine. —Paula Goldstein

Paula’s L.A. Tips:
I would recommend staying at Oceana Santa Monica—it’s not a “cool” hotel, but I lived there for three months. The ocean is across the street, it has great food, it’s peaceful and the rooms are like little apartments. I was there so long I would wander barefoot into the kitchen and borrow cutlery. [It truly became] a home away from home! I love vintage shopping in L.A. I have to say my favorite little nook is Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon—it’s a throwback to the ‘70s [version of] L.A. I wish I had lived in.