Samantha McIntyre

Samantha McIntyre recently wrapped production on her independent feature film, Unicorn Store, which Brie Larson both starred in and directed. McIntyre previously served as an Executive Story Editor on the FX series, Married. She has worked on the staff of HBO’s Bored to Death, and has written pilots for ABC and the CW, in addition to writing the feature adaptation of Fraggle Rock. 

While reading Variety one day, I came across an article that mentioned that the unstoppable Brie Larson would be directing (and starring in) her first feature film. Variety describes the plot of the film as such: “Unicorn Store centers on a woman who moves back in with her parents. She receives an invitation to a store that will test her ideas of what it means to really grow up.” I also learned that the film—an independent, quirky comedy—was written by Samantha McIntyre. 

Intrigued, I reached out to McIntyre, and was immediately charmed as we talked about her career, working with Brie, and storytelling. “I never intended to be a writer,” McIntyre said. “I trained as an actor (I hold an M.F.A. in Acting from Southern Methodist University), but when I wrote my first script, it seemed like writing was really going to take off for me.” 

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, McIntyre’s career did just that: She started writing for television shows, but she still had a passion project in her back pocket. “The script (for Unicorn Store) I had for years. I knew I wanted to make this film.” After it made the rounds in Hollywood, the story found its perfect match in Larson. “Brie was just in the midst of all the press for Room, and she was looking for her next project, something she wanted to direct.” Once the two sat down to discuss the script, it was clear the project had found its leader. While McIntyre could not disclose too many plot details when we spoke, she noted, “I am really interested in magical realism, and this sort of realization we all experience about what it means to be an adult.” 

The film’s full cast has also been announced, and includes Joan Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. McIntyre even joined the cast, with a small role in the film that she wrote just for herself. Her advice to aspiring screenwriters? Simple: “Just keep writing.” ★